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Customer Service

- Prioritizing customers; ensuring they receive excellent results

- Dealing with the mindfields of difficult customers

- The repetition effect: the impact on the individual

- Clear, concise communication in customer service

- Courtesy matters; How a positive attitude and politeness impacts your customer

- Transparency; the impact in customer service

- The Follow-up Plan; Achieving great customer satisfaction through follow-up



- Conveying my best ideas efficiently

- How to have success in communication at work

- Developing effective communication and listening skills

- How to develop your listening skill in the workplace



- Managing conflicts and resolving issues in the workplace

- How to maintain successful collaborations among colleagues

- How to deal with difficult situations in the workplace

- How to turn conflict into successful collaboration

- Managing conflict in the workplace through collaboration and resolution

- Designing effective workplace relationships

- Team building among coworkers

- Designing a winning team and expecting results

- Consistency matter; how to collaborate with your team members


Productive Skills

- Maintaining efficiency while achieving goals in the workplace

- Managing multiple demands under time constraints

- Effective time management and productivity skills

- Creative problem solving and enhanced efficiency in the workplace


Interpersonal Skills

- Roles and Responsibilities

- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion defined (difference, fairness not excluding anyone that should be privy to information or opportunity)

- Culture Awareness and Inclusion

- Terminology: Cultural Competence, Humility, Belonging and Empathy

- Respect, bias/implicit bias, microaggressions

- EIFTL - Emotional intelligence for today’s leaders

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Redesign To Align, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Our team of experienced contractors work diligently with our customers to ensure the quality of our service is unparalleled and all performance metrics are met. 

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